TGI High Quality toolings

  • 4 - 7 pcs. 250 mm caliber
  • Speed up to 6 m/min.
  • High Quality
  • HM inserts and AIC-Standard
  • Steel quality M 300 (Austria)
  • Life time up to 3.000.000 m

Die head

  • heater band with integrated thermo couplings in one unit pfeil quick mounting

  • Support plates pfeil easy storing and plugs are well protected

  • Additional slot in the die head (in case of gloss heating) for preventing the heat flowing to the outside of the die head pfeil heat is guided to where it is needed (to the visual surfaces)

  • Die without mandrel ("sandwich - plate die") pfeil high stability during production


  • Dry Calibrators with 250 mm length instead of 200 mm as used in standard tooling pfeil increased total dry calibre length pfeil more efficient cooling pfeil higher output speeds

    Distance between the dry calibres is 1 mm pfeil less wear

  • Additional Adjustable Water Cooling at the inlet section ("ironing") pfeil gloss on the visual surfaces can be precisely controlled

    Special positioned mounting pins pfeil no movement of dry calibre side parts possible

  • Individual vacuum adjustment on each dry calibre pfeil energy saving

  • Translucent tubes - blue for inlet, red for outlet pfeil the water flow can be monitored pfeil easy visual control that all channels are 100 % floated

  • Each section of the tooling has ist seperate water inlet and outlet pfeil constant water flow in each section pfeil stabile cooling

  • Special Cooling connections (bridges) between calibres pfeil no tubes

  • In the last dry calibre the vacuum is in 2 sections pfeil additional possibility for adjustment


  • Fibreglass tank pfeil shock resitant

  • efficient water suction unit between last calibre and tank pfeil no water transfer to calibres possible

  • Integrated observation windows in the tank pfeil comfortable visual control

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