Extrusion toolings

Special Features

Patented Double wall tank Extrusionswerkzeugereduced water consumptionExtrusionswerkzeuge stabile flow Extrusionswerkzeugesimilar temperatures all over the total tank lengthExtrusionswerkzeugeno fuctuation/pumpingExtrusionswerkzeugewater level can be adjusted on 2 sides

  • Fibreglass tank Extrusionswerkzeuge shock resistant
  • Efficient water suction unit between last calibre and tankExtrusionswerkzeugeno water transfer to calibres possible
  • Integrated observation windows in the tankExtrusionswerkzeuge comfortable visual control
  • Special Cooling connections (bridges) between calibresExtrusionswerkzeuge no tubes

In the last dry calibre the vacuum is in 2 sections Extrusionswerkzeuge additional possibility for adjustment

No O-rings are used between the different side partsExtrusionswerkzeuge no wear and no leakage Extrusionswerkzeuge service free

15 - 25 additional templates 8 mm in the first tank (depending on profile shape and speeds)Extrusionswerkzeuge better stabilisation of the profile

Extrusion Screw adjustment on the short calibres (visual surfaces) in the first tank Extrusionswerkzeuge surface/flatness can be additionally controlled and adjusted

Quick couplings between dry calibre and tank, tank and tank and tank and PCE if available Extrusionswerkzeuge No narrow cooling channels at detail sections Extrusionswerkzeuge no plugging possible

  • Vacuum gauges (European brand) and horizontally integrated in the top lid Extrusionswerkzeuge high quality Extrusionswerkzeuge well protected against external damages
  • Solid carbide inserts standard Extrusionswerkzeuge reduced wear and tear

  • Dry Calibrators with 250 mm length instead of 200 mm as used in standard toolingExtrusionswerkzeuge increased total dry calibre length Extrusionswerkzeuge more efficient coolingExtrusionswerkzeuge higher output speeds
    Distance between the dry calibres is 1mm Extrusionswerkzeuge less wear
  • Additional Adjustable Water Cooling at the inlet section (“ironing”)Extrusionswerkzeuge gloss on the visual surfaces can be precisely controlled
    Special positioned mounting pins Extrusionswerkzeugeno movement of dry calibre side parts possible
  • Heater band with integrated thermo couplings in one unit Extrusionswerkzeuge quick mounting
  • Individual vacuum adjustment on each dry calibre Extrusionswerkzeuge energy saving
  • Translucent tubes - blue for inlet, white for outlet Extrusionswerkzeuge the water flow can be monitored Extrusionswerkzeuge easy visual control that all channels are 100% floated
  • Each section of the tooling has its separate water inlet and outlet Extrusionswerkzeuge constant water flow in each sectionExtrusionswerkzeuge stabile cooling
  • AIC: “Air-Inlet-Cooling” for the first dry calibre with individual adjustment for each section Extrusionswerkzeuge the regulation of each sensitive section is possible Extrusionswerkzeuge no more sticking of material
    especially at high speeds
  • Support plates Extrusionswerkzeuge easy storing and plugs are well protected
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